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This Wiki is Under Construction; until its completed, registration is restricted to only certain people.

This Wiki contains all information related to Terrene Enigma roleplay. Terenne Enigma means 'Earthly Mystery', and it fits with the theme and setting of the roleplay. Everything on this wiki should be considered canon, unless otherwise specified. Only members of the community are allowed to create and edit articles here.

We encourage our members to always add more to our setting! While the founders created it, you - the roleplayers - help bring life to Terrene Enigma as a whole! This universe is expansive, with the planet it takes place on so large that it would take hundreds of years before space eventually ran out - so don't hesitate to add onto it!

Our Setting

The setting is being restructured. We understand your concern, and will get back to you shortly!

Our Focus

Terrene Enigma is a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid roleplaying universe, in that things such as magic, aliens, and fantastically advanced technology can all coexist together, and be created either for the player or the faction that chooses to use it.


Most of the important information will be available in the sidebar; later on we'll be adding an image-map which can be used to find information related to nations, cities, and other locations. Stay tuned!